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DORS 60 UV Banknote Detector

AED 125.00


Ultraviolet counterfeit detectors DORS 60 Series are designed for visual authenticity control of world currencies, securities, high security forms and duty stamps by visualizing protective features fluorescent in ultraviolet light.


Unique consumer qualities

  • powerful UV-light source (total capacity 8 W);
  • compact dimension and unique possibility of screwing fastening of the detector to the wall allows placing conveniently in a cash unit of any design;
  • due to the absence of the bottom panel DORS 60 Detector can be placed exactly above the investigated objects that is especially convenient while checking large-size documents and securities;
  • fail-safe circuit solution of the electronic ballast allows enhanced effective level and reliability of the UV-lamps.

Types of control

Ultraviolet control proves secure detection of the following bank notes and documents protective elements:

  • absence of general paper luminescence background;
  • presence of luminescence areas (marks, fibers, image fragments).


  • DORS series 60 are equipped by two upper UV lamps (4 Wt)

One Year Warranty