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HITACHI ST-350N Smart Multi Currency Sorter & Counter

AED 23,000.00

ST-350N is a smart, practical multi-currency fitness sorter and banknote counter designed for users’ convenience. ST-350N is optimized for high performance, enhanced authentication and easy operation. High resolution dual CIS, High level fitness sorting, Capture and Record of OCR

Fitness Sorting (Optional)

More complete level -Designed to fitness sort and authenticate banknotes with an unprecedented level of accuracy and security

Fitness sorting for holes, tears, dog-ears, tape, soil, stains, folded, de-inked banknotes, etc.

Continuous and uninterrupted sorting -Fitness sorting and authentication with a processing speed of 700 notes per minute

Multi-currency application -Purpose designed for multi-currency, multi-level fitness sorting and authentication -

Available up to 10 different currencies

Product Specification Counterfeit Detection Full Line Magnetic Sensor IR Transmission Full Image UV Reflection x 4 Fluorescence x 4 Capacity

Operation Speed : Value Counting: 1,000 notes/min Fitness Sorting: 700 notes/min

High-speed image processing

  1. High-resolution dual CIS
  2. High-level fitness sorting
  3. Capture and Record of OCR
  4. Can be installed up to 10 currencies

Advanced counterfeit detection

  1. Equipped with a range of counterfeit detection technologies.

Remote monitoring system by 'SIM'

  1. Connect with SIM link

User-friendly system

  1. Multi-user mode available
  2. Highly visible 7” Full-color touch screen
  3. Simple and easy operation
  4. Easy maintenance
  5. Counterfeit Detections: IR, UV, UV / MG
  6. Dimensions (WxDxH): 534(W) x 454(D) x 481(H) mm
  7. Weight: 47 Kg

Annual Maintenance: Periodic maintenance of the unit on site is provided for a period of 12 months without any additional charges.