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HITACHI IH-210 Multi Currency 3 Pocket Banknote Counting Machine & Sorter

Sold out
AED 14,000.00
  • Available Currencies : Up to 32
  • Counterfeit Detection: Dual full-color CIS, Full Line MG, IR, UV (reflection and transmission), & Tape Detection Sensor
  • Denomination Detection: Dual full-color CIS, MG, IR, UV
  • Features: Multi-currency and Mix mode
  • Counting Speed: Counting: 1,300 notes per minute
  • Hopper Capacity: 1,000 Notes
  • Stacker Capacity: 2 x 300 Notes (max.)
  • Reject Capacity: 200 Notes (max.)
  • Display: 5 inch TFT LCD touch-screen display
  • Dimensions: 382(W) x 417(D) x 340(H)mm
  • Net Weight: 21kg
  • Serial Number Recognition and Printing (optional)
  • Fitness Sorting: Tape, Stains, Limpness, Dog-ears, Tears, Holes, Soiling, Graffiti, Folds, Mutilations, Composed, De-inked etc. (tape sensor, CIS) (optional)
  • Connectivity: LAN (PC and upgrades), RS232C Serial Port x 3 (2 x external display and 1 x serial printer), USB Host (upgrade), USB Device x 2 (PC)

Annual Maintenance: Periodic maintenance of the unit on site is provided for a period of 12 months without any additional charges.