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PLUS P-413 Multifunction Bank Notes Strapping Machine

AED 5,600.00

Plus P-413 Multifunction Strapping Machine

The strapping machine Plus P-413 is a multifunction strapping machine equipped with user-friendly features and functionality to strap almost everything, from banknotes to mail, leaflets, and other documents. 

To accommodate banknotes and other documents with numerous size, strapping machine Plus P-413 comes with simple operations button for various adjustments:

  • Feed length adjustment button
  • Feed direction adjustment button to forward or reversed
  • The multipurpose strapping machine Plus P-413 is presented with advanced heating technology to ensure machine productivity and work efficiency.
  • Besides, this semi-automatic strapping machine also is equipped with Smell absorbing System to absorb burning plastic odors, thus improving indoor air quality in work environment.

Low-Noise Strapping

Whatever document to strap or whichever button pressed the strapping machine Plus P-413 responses to your action with minimum level of noise for a more comfortable work environment.

Flexible Strapping Band

This semi-automatic strapping machine Plus P-413 accommodate local and import plastic strapping band with 9 mm – 11 mm width from any supplier providing product of equivalent quality.

Unquestionable Strapping Quality

Despite its minimalist designs, Plus P-413 is able to strap your banknotes and documents tightly and neatly.

    More Information:

    • Strap Width 9 - 11 mm
    • Tape Length Setting 20 stage band in length settings
    • Strapping Speed 30 ad/ minute
    • Tension Strength 0.6 – 10 kg
    • Dimensions 420 x 300 x 128 mm
    • Weight 20 kgs

    Annual Maintenance: Annual Maintenance contract is available for an extra charge. This will cover periodic maintenance of the unit on site for a period of 12 months.